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Songwriter, singer & guitarist Craig Anthony has been stealing hearts with his blend of raspy, blues-driven country and heartfelt folk originals, peppered with some choice covers for good measure. His live performance and stage charm have been captivating audiences for many years, as his shows are something not to be missed. With his sophomore release Mississippi Rose out now, his career as a performing artist and songwriter is poised to skyrocket to the next level. A voice at one moment a freight train, and the next a lullaby, it is as unique and wild as the music and the man himself.

It all started way back in the day when he tried out for the lead in the family church's Christmas musical, playing Josiah the Shepherd Boy. When his first shot at his solo number took place, he realized that this was the life, as nervous as he was. Later, when his parents took the ten-year-old to see the film Amadeus - the story of the eccentric genius Mozart - the deal was sealed. He was so inspired by the music and the story that he dove head-first into the world of classical music, studying and devouring every recording his allowance could afford him.

During his high school years, his love of Jazz and Classic Rock also developed, and he became not only well-rounded, but obsessed in every way. His other studies suffered as he dove deeper and deeper into the music. He began writing - piano pieces, guitar pieces, a capella songs - anything that could and would flex his now burgeoning music muscle. He also began to play the piano, trumpet and oboe during these years and began to sing more and more. He wrote several pieces for the school's concert band, for quartet and also for full orchestra, one of which - a mazurka - won the CBC's young composer's competition and aired on the national radio network. During his high-school years, he also formed his first rock band, playing covers by Zeppelin, the Stones, U2, New Order and the Smiths.


After high school, Craig attended Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and studied music theory and composition. During these years, he also continued his study of trumpet and guitar and continued to write songs and develop his songwriting abilities. He began to follow local Kingston up-and-coming bands such as The Inbreds and The Tragically Hip, and was began to be drawn more into the sound of vocal harmonies and folk-based music. He also sang in a medieval choir during these years - something that he always continued to draw from. He also played in local clubs and bars around Kingston.

Craig relocated to Vancouver, Canada in the mid-nineties and soon began playing and writing, also pursuing a live PA show and delving into music production as well as working on film and TV soundtracks with John Korsrud and others. He formed an act around a live PA setup and released Apocalyptic Epiphany, a concept piece of electronic symphonic music. After a decade of sonic exploration and production, he decided to go back to his roots -  acoustic guitar and good old-fashioned songwriting, without any tricks or frills. He continues on this path today, drawing from the myriad experience and tastes that have captured his ear all these years. During these years, he also formed a band with Bruno Hubert called The Pillars and played extensively in Vancouver until 2015.

These days, Craig writes in a whole slew of styles - country, folk, indie, rock, blues - and he brings his signature style to all of them. He lives on beautiful Galiano Island in British Columbia, Canada.

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